Full Service Illinois Warehousing

We take pride in providing a full array of warehousing services in Illinois:

  • Fulfillment
  • Cross-docking
  • Redelivery
  • Consolidation
  • Kitting
  • Co-Packing
  • Re-Packing
  • Long-term warehouse lease / rent (2 spaces of 40000 sq feet each available)
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We're More Than Just Warehousing

Whether your temperature-/ambient-controlled storage needs require long-term product aging, short-term groceries, cross-dock or inventory consolidation for redistribution, we’ll customize a solution for you. Have a need for short- or long-term dry storage?
You’re assured of consistent technology offerings to meet logistics needs.

Warehousing and Storage
Storage of goods in a secure and organized manner. Provision of warehousing space.
Picking and packing orders. Processing orders and ensuring accurate fulfillment.
Inventory Management
Tracking and managing inventory levels.Reporting on inventory status and movements.
No need to add another stop in the process. We can handle your kitting needs on-site and get your products out the door to your specifications.
Receiving & Returns Management
Receiving goods and managing inbound shipments. Handling product returns and exchanges.
Whether it’s Continuous, Consolidation, or Deconsolidation cross-docking, we have you covered.
Co-Packing, Labeling & Re-Packing
Our Co-Packing & Re-Packing services provide a fast and efficient extension of your business.Labeling products accurately for identification and tracking.
Miss an appointment? late for an appointment? Overage Shortage Damage (OS&D) We can redeliver.
Distribution and Transportation
Coordinating the distribution of goods to various destinations. Providing transportation services, including shipping and receiving.
Access to Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Utilizing technology for efficient warehouse operations, including tracking and management systems.
Customer Service
Offering customer service to address any issues or inquiries related to logistics operations
Transporting goods over short distances, especially as part of the supply chain
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